Simple Machine Protect

Simple Machine Protect

Portable open source anti-virus


  • Portable - fits on a USB stick
  • Fast scanning
  • Scans memory also


  • Doesn't pick up everything it should do
  • Limited in advanced options


Have you ever wanted an open-source portable anti-virus solution that you can use anywhere at anytime?

Protect Simple Machine is just that - a portable and free anti-virus app that fits on your USB pen and makes sure that the computer you are using is not infected by viruses, worms, Trojan horses or spyware. Created with Visual Basic, the program is incredibly simple to use and can analyze any folder or disk you choose. It also advises you on ways to "tweak" Windows so you can optimise Protect Simple Machine for more effective, faster use. It also has direct links to other Windows tools such as the command line.

Nowadays, one of the most important areas to scan is the memory and Simple Machine Protect also caters for this with a memory scanner which works alongside the disk scanner. The program warns you if it finds a virus with a very primitive "beeping" sound and it can sometimes repair them on the spot, depending on whether the database is equipped with a sufficient solution. At all times, the program lets you know at what stage the scan is at with a progress bar.

A very convenient solution for those on the move although it's a bit lightweight and tends to miss minor viruses and Trojans that more solid scanners pick up.

A simple open source antivirus. Simple Machine Protect is a portable anti-virus software for Windows, built to remove certain variants of viruses, worms, trojans and spyware from your computer.

Simple Machine Protect is free to distribute, and free to use. The project was started in order to design a simple, open source antivirus scanner.

Simple Machine Protect


Simple Machine Protect

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